Saturday, January 2, 2010

365 days........

Several of my friends last year did a blog everyday for the entire year and I think it's a brilliant idea! Recording your thoughts, sharing pictures, letting family and friends around the country and world know what you have been up to and more is a great way to "keep in touch". So I'm jumping on this bandwagon....well, I'm going to try. I know I missed yesterday so I'm not off to a good start but's bound to happen :) ok....not the best attitude to have when I'm starting something new but......oh well!

So.....Happy New Year!!!! 2010!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! I remember as a little girl when I would think about this year - well, not exactly this year but this time - the 2000's and I would think we would be driving cars that could know anything related to the Jetson's and it would be happening. There is a lot of high tech stuff out there but I don't have much of it.....I just got a Blackberry so I'm slowly but surely getting with the "times".

I'll be back later to post some pics of my babies starting the new year. :)