About me

I'm a stay at home mom for the last 5 years to my son and daughter and married for almost 6 years to a hard working man!  Being a mom and wife is great and I love it but I'm so much more........

I'm a coffee loving, reality show junkie that loves Target, HGTV, Food Network, gossip magazines, parties and cook-outs with friends, summer and the beach, bubble baths, spa days, and drinks and long conversations with friends.  Originally from Florida and living in several places, my family has ended up in North Carolina.  Although I miss Florida everyday, we love our home here in Carolina and if all goes well (i.e. we don't have to move due to my husband's job) we plan to live here until we are old and gray!

I am a wanna be chef and try desperately to make a great dish.  I will have to say I'm A LOT better than I was years ago.  With a husband that is gone often for work and a 1 year old and a 4 year old and 2 dogs I try hard each day to be the best mom and wife I can be and to keep a perfect home.   But life just takes over sometime   Decorating and cooking are really passions of mine but there is a HUGE problem with this and that is I stink at both of them and let's face it....I'm not Ms. Suzie Homemaker!  :)  But I'm truly trying to improve and I'm hoping to use this blog to post what I have done (or haven't done) and educate others.

Thanks for stopping by my little blog and I hope you come back.  Like me, it's a work in progress and I hope you stick around to see it grow!