Saturday, March 20, 2010

3 and a half months later

And I'm finally posting after I said that I would (try) post everyday. Ha! Did I really think I would follow through with that????

Since having our second child I forget to do a lot (like keeping up with my blog) and this is why I have lists. Lots of them! I have lists on my computer, on a post it note, on a notepad that hangs on our fridge, on the back of an name it I have a list somewhere in this house. It's not often that I complete my lists but that doesn't matter. I at least have good intentions. Anyway......

In the last 3 months we have been pretty busy. Malcom made it back home in February after being overseas since November. His trip was extended a little longer because he had to go to Louisiana for MawMaw's funeral. Wow....I miss that woman. Women like her are few and far between....she truly was a special person and when I think that my children will never know her my heart hurts a little.

This past winter was just miserable cold. Seriously! Ok, so my northern friends may think I'm a whimp and yes, they did have it worse than us. I get it! But, I'm still and always will be a Florida girl and my bones can't handle the cold. The first snow was fun because we just don't get that type of weather around here often. Anymore, than that and I'm good. I just don't need it. So the warmth of this weekend is very much appreciated!!! 75 degrees!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

So with that I need to go and get ready to enjoy this perfect day with my family. I think I see a trip to Home Depot to get some plants to put in the flower beds. I think I see some yard work in Malcom's ....I mean, my future :)