Monday, May 31, 2010

Recap of our weekend

As I mentioned before my sister and nephew were able to fly up from Florida for the weekend. I had not seen them since Christmas when me & the kids went to visit. Jacob has been asking for months to see his cousin and I'm so glad we were able to get them up here.

They flew up Friday night and their flight was delayed a little but it was still late when we finally made it home. Saturday morning we got the kids up, dressed and fed and headed out for some shopping. We had to agree to let the kids swim in the pool to get to Old Navy and I think some where along the way I bribed them with cupcakes.  These cupcakes! 

Just maybe that bribe had a little something to do with my obsession with cupcakes.  I'm not talking about the package of 12 you can pick up at the local grocery store that may or may not  have been sitting out for days.  I'm talking about the kind of cupcakes that are freshly made each morning with yummy flavors and delicious frosting!!!!  I swear these are worth every inch of fat that appears on my body after eating one of these! Trust me when I say that these were the perfect ending to the yummy Mexican lunch we had 15 minutes prior.  I had guests in town.....who am I to deny them good food.  That would just be rude!

We made it back home and we stuck the kids in the pool and set up the slip-n-slide.  Of course the 90 pound dog we own enjoyed the slip-n-slide more than the kids.  They sure don't make those like they did when I was a little kid.  When I was younger (oh Lordy, I sound like my dad) they were more like a big yellow tarp.  This one was more like a thin piece of tissue paper. **This is the only pic I have of Jacob in the pool (this one is at our neighbor's house.....
 Our princess in her own kiddie pool :)

That night we cooked dinner, got the kids cleaned and put them to bed.  They were so tired and you know what happens when kids are tired.  Meltdowns start to happen and I really wasn't in the mood since I had just opened a (well deserved) very cold Bud Light and was very ready to just have quiet.  My sister and I ended up watching Bridezillas until 11 pm but that is a story for another time.  Really, the train wreck of a show called Bridezillas just needs a separate post ;)  It's just one of my many, many guilty pleasures.

Last day they were here we had to go back into town to get some pictures developed and hit Cracker Barrel. And then sent the boys back outside to burn off some energy.  Looking for ladybugs and playing football took up a bit of the afternoon, along with Bakugan and dinosaur playing :)
Sorry about the dead plant in the picture.  No, really I'm not.  I'm just feeling too lazy to crop the picture to not show it.  Just keeping it real. ;)

Despite having to get up so early this morning to take them to the airport we were sad to see them go and we miss them already!  Jacob has asked many times today when we can head down to Florida to see them again.  Trust me son, I wish we could pack up today and be there! 

Here is another pic of the boys just playing around.....wish we lived closer!