Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A day at the zoo

It was a last minute decsion to take the kids to the zoo this day.  I thought since the public schools had not let out for the summer it would be perfect. 

It wasn't going to be HOT!!

It wasn't going to be crowded!!!

Well, I thought wrong!  It was HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I swore I listened to the weather and they said low humidity and comfortable temps.  Perfect!  That is until I got there - wearing JEANS!!  And it was miserable hot and humid at 9am!!!!!!!  I'll rant about my dislike about meterologist at times later.  For now, this is about the zoo.  Oh....and the crowds too!

We got there early but that isn't surpising since I get everywhere early and if I'm  not early...something is wrong. I mentioned it was a perfect day to get to the zoo because public schools are still in session so there is NO WAY there are going to be a lot of kids there.  Right?  Wrong!

There are just a few people in line to buy tickets and I'm so proud of myself for choosing this day despite the heat.  Then I turned around and see a school bus.  Hmmm.....that is weird.  Why would there be a school bus here at the zoo when there is one week left of school left???  No big's just one.  And then no sooner than I had that thought another one comes and then another and another.  Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!  Before we even bought our tickets I counted 12 school buses in line to drop off very excited, very hyper kids. 

Now, don't get me wrong....I love kids.  I really do.  I have 2 of my own and if I wasn't so tired, so old and had money I would probably have more.  However, I'll be honest that I'm not thrilled being in a location with 12 bus loads full of crazy, sick of school elementary kids.  Even one of the chaperons that I ended up talking with wasn't thrilled either. 

We were able to be one of the first to get our tickets and like a mad woman I took off with the kids in the OPPOSITE direction of the crazy, sick of school elementary kids.  And at the end of it all we had a fantastic time!!! 

Here are some of the pics of our day at the zoo.....
I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to get because I was busy. 

- Busy keeping a 1 year old happy because she was so hot. 
- Busy keeping Jacob happy because the baboons with the rainbow butts (long story for another time) were no where to be found
- Busy trying to stay ahead of the 12 bus loads full of crazy, sick of school elementary kids
- And busy just having a great time with my 2 great kids!!  :)


The Planet Pink said...

Ugh. Yeah, the zoo at the end of the school year=chaos. Glad you had a good day anyway!

Daphne said...

Thanks....I really had no clue it would be so crazy. Next time I think I'll send the hubby :)

deanna said...

the baboons with the rainbow it!!