Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Punch Buggy - not a fan of this game anymore!

Have you seen the new Volkswagen commercial?  You know the one that they are punching when they see this vehicle.  They say "blue one" "yellow one" etc followed by a nice punch to the arm.  I never minded this commercial and to be honest with you, I never really paid much attention to it.

That is until this sweet, kind, and gentle boy shown here (yes, I know he never wants to look at the camera that is always in his face when some random kid show is on TV)
punched me in the leg this 6 am!!!!!!!!!!!  Then went on to yell BLUE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!  This in no way was painful when I got the left hook to my leg but more shock!  I hadn't even really had a good sip of coffee yet so my brain wasn't functioning the way it should after one's first born plays the punch buggy game.

Am I the only one that remembers playing it that way when you were younger?  We would see a VW bug and punch someone and say 'punch buggy'.  Please someone tell me that they played this too and it's not just some weird thing that us Florida girls did. 

I'm pretty laid back when it comes to what my kids watch on TV.  I think the worst thing he watches is Spongebob and (knock on wood) he is never really repeated what he hears.  Once in a blue moon I'll hear something questionable and ask when and where he heard it and it usually involves some kid show.  Thank you Lord, that he isn't repeating what he may overhear from Real Housewives!!

But never did I think I would have him mimic the actions of the people in this commercial.

And why did I have to be the punching bag????

There was no apology, no oops - sorry mommy.  All I got was a HAHAHAHAHA!!!  Wasn't that so funny mommy?  I LOVE the game they play!!!  Yeah....real funny kiddo!


Adrienne said...

My kiddo punched me in the arm last week....Craziness ...thanks VW ...Thanks for following I am follwing you back

Blissful Babe said...

SLUG BUG!! That's what we called in my day. LOL.

I always hated it. I hate being slugged. I don't care if you saw a bug. DON'T PUNCH ME. :p That would require you to get inside my Bubble (personal space). :D

Daphne said...

I've never heard it called Slug bug before....kind of cute. On one of the videos that I saw on you tube they called it punchdub. Guess it's different everywhere :)