Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just about the one I love!

If you don't want to hear sappy love then you can just skip this post.  I have to have a post just about my handsome husband.  I didn't plan on posting about him but instead I was going to talk about MTV or Kate plus 8......this won out!  I miss him today.  I miss him everyday.  But tonight, there was something different about me missing him......not sure what it is but it's a little more than usual.

We have a long history.....somewhat complicated but it's good.  Our life is good.  I will tell our story another time but for now, I just needed a post about him.  

Here we on our first night out after I had Jacob.  This was in Louisiana.  We moved there - to his hometown.  This is a long, complicated story that at the end of the day brought us closer.  I may talk about it one day.  For now, it's where my husband was born and raised and just a stepping stone to where we are now.
My husband loves to have fun.....loves to be with friends and family.
Wild crazy night.  Our 2nd crawfish boil.  No other comments needed ;)  But I will say my husband is a great cook and everyone loves his crawfish! 
He loves me.  He takes care of me.  And (literally) would go to the ends of the world to take care of us.

He is also a thinker.  When something is on his mind, he will analyze it over and over.  There was a time I thought this was a fault.....I've grown and learned that it's not.  It's a great characteristic of a man who wants to be sure that what he is doing and plans he is making will be best for his family. 

This is where he thinks.....

He is teaching our son about it too.....

He also thinks in the woods when he is hunting.  Being a woman that really doesn't want to go out hunting with him and I know he really doesn't want me to, I don't have a pic of him in a tree stand.  He does thinking out there too.

He loves his dog.  All good men love dogs - right?  This dog, Tig is a pain in my rear but he is a good dog that loves his family and protects us all.
He loves us.  His family.  I know we are everything to him and all he does is for, his little boy and his baby girl.
don't they look alike? It amazes me everyday!

His baby girl looks up to him and adores him.....
He survives kids field trips :)
And he is trying to turn our baby girl into a country girl.  He may succeed at this but if mommy has anything to do with it I will still make sure she is girly girl! 
There is so much more about this man that I could say about him.  His hard work and determination, his stubbornness, rough around the edges, a great cook, a handy man, , passionate, smart and more.  Oh.....and this too....